The First Time

I was spending the night with my best friend. We were in the sixth grade. He had two younger sisters. We were out in a tent in the back yard and it was already after midnight. There were no lights on in the house.
We had spent the evening playing card games and giving the loser a dare to do. Nothing really serious. Ring a doorbell down the street, that sort of thing.
Before one card game (I'm sure it was crazy eights, or hearts) my friend decided that a huge dare would be necessary and announced before we played that the loser would have to take off all his clothes and walk naked the one block to the park, play on the swing for a few seconds and walk back.
It wasn't even close. I lost. Just knowing what I had to do was pretty exciting. Doing it was pretty scary.
When we got back to the backyard, sure enough both of his sisters were there, each grinning ear to ear. Of course they hid my clothes. My buddy was laughing so hard he hyperventilated.
The humiliation of that moment burned my cheeks and was so hot I got a hard on that I tried to hide.
The girls did not allow that and I had to follow directions or lose my clothes forever.
There was no touching but I did have to twirl around to give them both a good look. They had been watching us all along from the darkness of their bedroom.
The experience was so mind blowing for me though that any time afterward when I thought about that moment of embarrassment, I would get hard.
I would have done it again but there was never another opportunity. Since then, dominant women have turned me on like no other. I have been lucky enough to have had a few more experiences as a consenting adult.
But like it's been said, there's nothing like the first time.
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The first time we experience being dominated by a superior female we find it is the natural order of things. And then we can not wait for it to happen again.