Swimsuit Shopping

I was down in the Caribbean and decided I needed a new swimsuit. I went into one of the beach-side shops and proceeded to look around. A young, very pregnant woman approached and asked if she could be of any help. The shop was fairly crowded and I probably did stand out, as most of the patrons were women. I told her I was looking for a swim suit and she showed me where they were. There wasn't much of a selection of men's stuff, most were for women, but she did find me 1 or 2. I asked if I could try them on, and she said "of course, no problem". About this time I noticed several women trying on stuff right in the store aisles, but didn't think too much of it, as most of them were just trying on stuff over their bikinis. When I took the 2 suits and started walking towards the back of the store she said they didn't have any separate changing area, but I was free to use the aisle, no problem. So I figured, what the heck, if she didn't care, why should I? So I took my old suit off and tried on the larger one of the two, as they both seemed way too small. Several women around me noticed for sure, as I could see them staring and the younger ones giggling. Well, the suit was way too small in the crotch to fit right, so I mentioned this, and the owner then proceeded to reach down and attempt to adjust it to my satisfaction, which proved impossible. The other suit was even smaller, so she said to take it off and wait, she would check the back room. By now most everybody had figured out what was going on. Since it was clear everyone was having a good time with this, I said, ok, and then proceeded to wait for her without putting my own suit back on. Of course she took forever, so I used that as an excuse to browse around the rest of the store. It was great, once the initial embarassment had worn off, as people were coming and going from the store, and it always took the newcomers a while and a few questions to figure out why this guy was browsing around naked. Eventually she came back with another suit, which was also too small, and which, she also tried to stuff me inside of, much to the delight of many of the observers. I hated leaving without buying anything as she was so sweet, but there was no way I could have worn anything she had. I suspect she didn't really have any men's suits, but, not wanting to miss a sale was trying her best to sell me a women's one.
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i went shopping with wife and trying on pants walk out she was chatting with her gf an some sales girl college age walk out an she turn turn bend over she said your *** sticks out to much come here and she put hand on cortch to tight change came back an she did same she did not like the sale girl said they not to bad an she grab my *** see look she has room turn around the lady said see he has movement in his cortch feeling up my balls so i had to walk up down for my wife then she handed me bikni panteis try these on came out said they ok i want to see them go put on i did walking out in yellow bikni panties with lace trim the sales girl eye lite up now that is nice see turn around see his *** how the panties voer just the right spots you can see bottom of cheeks good for when they are red turn around she said an look nothing shows in front

One time on holidays I needed a new swimsuit. In the shop I was helped by a man who kept bringing me ever smaller suits, not excatly thongs but extreme brazilian cut bikini's where the back fabric would usually contract in such a way that the difference with a thong was neglegible. At first he would just pop his head around the curtain, no matter whether i was undressed or not, but soon he would leave the curtain wide open leaving me on display to every customer. This is something I had dreamt of for a long time but was (until then) to shy to do.
within the shortest time there was no lack of other customers (male and female) commenting on the various models I was trying. Of course I got more than a bit aroused and ended buying a few very small suits, one of them that small that it wouldn't hold all the goodies even when I wasn't aroused at all: one of my all time favorites and also due to my memories how I bought it I will usually be at least a bit aroused when I wear it. When I do it doesn't matter from what side people first see me: I'll get reaxtions, usually once they see the one side and again when they see the other. Contrary to what I had expected negative reactions are pretty rare.

I wasn't fully aroused, but had a semi+. I guessed I was able to decide which models would hold the goodies when flaccid. Apparantly I underestimated.

that was hard lol

That MUST have been a hoot! You had a captive audience.

Yeah, she was a bit captive. But somehow I have this suspicion that she was enjoying it as much as I was.

LMAO!!! I can imagine how the more she adjusted the less it fit. Have to wonder if she got the big belly trying to sell another guy a suit!

This is just too funny. Big smile on my face. I think someone could make some funny short videos out of some of the stories here

Yes, video's would be a great idea. Too bad I didn't have a camera handy. Obviously I have no idea where she got the belly, but, oh, was she hot. Wearing a string bikini and tank top, so her entire belly was on display. I should have asked her if I could kiss her baby, because I so much wanted to, especially after she "adjusted me" just right.

too bad you didn't buy something, you'd be surprised how many opportunities you would have to wear something scandalously small - I had a similar experience in Rio de Janeiro (but without the nudity, and this sales girl kept bringing me smaller and smaller bikinis with a big smile on her face,wanting me to try them on - I thought, no way, way too small, but I got turned on so fast putting them on and gave into temptation and bought them from her - she was very pleased.

Yeah, in retrospect you are probably right; I should have just bought it anyway and worn it proudly. If anyone complained (very likely) I could always say I had bought it from one of their stores and the clerk assured me it was ok.

I assume you wore the suits you bought from her on the beach. Rio is tricky, because on one hand, you see many girls practically naked, and I don't think there are any laws to worry about, but the locals have a huge double standard that frowns on male nudity.

I didn't have any problem - they were basically tanga-sized, not thongs - so my butt showed, and I kept adjusting it in a futile attempt to cover it - lots of thumbs up from the women.