Brother's Punished Naked

I have seen my brothers naked when they were punished, I have seen my best friend's brothers naked when they were punished and she has seen mine. We have even seen our elder brothers naked during their punishment. We also had teased them sometimes to built on more humiliation. It was always very exciting to see them naked, specially when they got be bend over naked holding their ears, the term is called punished as Murga.
fizaamisha fizaamisha
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7 Responses Dec 11, 2012

You sound like my sister to a tee~lol
And when I was married it was pretty much a heavy dose of the same!!!!

ah, do u like men to be nude around you n humiliated ..?

you could do this to me. im a naughty boy :p

you know when I was young I also saw my sisters nude I have always become aroused and likewise when they saw me naked

did your ***** become wet when you saw them naked?

fizaamisha how did you tease them? what did you say to them? who give them this punishments and for what reasons?
how long they are punished nude ?

Great stories. I'll have to post mine. Thanks