My Mom And Sisters Saw Me Naked

When I was 16 I became fascinated with nudism, CFNM, and being naked in general. I remember trying to get caught naked multiple times. I started by trying to get caught naked after I got out of the shower. I would come out of the shower and air dry in my room just waiting for someone to come into my room. I live in a family of 5 so the house was crowded and someone could come in at any moment. Unfortunately no one ever caught me, but I was naked in front of my family another time.
Right around the time I heard about CFNM I decided I wanted to try it. I have an older sister who was 18 and a younger sister who was 14, plus my mom so I thought I could try it in front of them. I planned it out. I would try to be naked as much as possible in front of them. I started by sleeping in loose fitting boxers and letting my penis hang out through the fly. No one ever caught me that way, at least no one ever told me they did. I decided to try something else.
I decided that since it was so hot in my house that summer I would just walk around wearing loose boxers and let my **** hang out of one of the leg holes when I was sitting down. The first time I tried this no one ever said anything, they just wanted to know why I didn't have shorts on. I told them it was too hot and they bought my excuse. Still they never said anything about seeing my penis. I also only tried this when my dad was away at work.
After about a week or so of wearing only my boxers around my mom and sisters they finally confronted me. I was standing in the living room one afternoon vacuuming since that was my chore for the day. I remember my older sister coming into the room with my mom and younger sister and she said "Drop em." I was so startled and surprised I couldn't even understand what she said. My mom then repeated it. And said "Obviously you want us girls to see you naked so just take off your boxers and get it over with." I was still surprised and shocked, but I slowly realized that my wish was coming true. I was going to try CFNM for real.
I remember my mom and my sisters just standing there looking at me like I was an idiot because I did not understand what they were saying at first. Finally, my little sister snapped me out of my shock when she said " We'll what are you waiting for." After she said this I hooked my thumbs in my boxers and pulled down my boxers. I kicked them into the corner of the room and continued vacuuming. All three of them stood there and watched me as my **** swung about, finally free from the boxers.
I remember how good it felt to be so free in my own house. A minute or two went by and and then I forgot about the free feeling and thought about what was actually happening. I was completely naked in front of every female member of my family. This started to get me aroused and I started to get an erection. After a couple seconds I was fully erect. I knew it was natural so I didn't worry. This was when my mom said "There it is" loudly.My sisters laughed and I got embarrassed.
Quickly, my sisters also began commenting on my nakedness. My older sister "We'll at least your big, I didn't want to stare at a little **** all day." Then my younger sister laughed and added "It is big." All three of them started laughing and I felt proud for a moment. I looked at my mom and I saw that she understood my main goal in this. She knew I wanted to show off how developed and grown up I was. She made another comment and said "It sure is much bigger since when you were five." Then she said "Now that we have seen you in all your glory and seen how grown up you are take care of that thing and put it away."
At first I was confused "Take care of that thing?" Then I realized she meant my erection. I quickly finished vacuuming and headed to my room. I *********** and my erection quickly went down. I then remember my boxers were in the other room and I went out to get them. My mom was in the kitchen and my sister were on the couch. They all looked at me and couldn't believe I was still naked. My mom just gave me a look and said " I thought I told you to put your toy away, especially now that you are done playing with it." My sisters laughed. I grabbed my boxers and kind of held them up, as if to explain I was putting it away. Then I thought about it and decided I would just stay naked until I finished my chores. No one else seemed to care so I went about my business and they went about theirs. Although I did catch them all looking at me again multiple times. Every time I felt there eyes on me I got a little more erect and began to get embarrassed, but eventually that passed. I stayed naked the rest of that day until I had to put on clothes before my dad came home.
I will never forget the joke my mom made at the dinner table that night. When my dad asked what we did today, she said "We just 'hung out' and watched Tony do his chores." My sister chimed in "It was a boring day, at some points it was un'bare'able." My dad didn't get the jokes and I don't think anyone ever told him about that day. I was happy though, I got to try CFNM and found that I loved it, even if it was a bit embarrassing.
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That's a wonderful story! You are a naturally confident male. It's good that you are totally proud of your body. You also have a cool mom, but why were you ashamed to let your dad see you naked?

I would prefer to see your sisters naked

cute story........i like it

do you still get naked in front off them, have their got naked in front of you?
my family saw each other naked lots off times no problem when your family or friends

Great story and it sounds like a really great experience too! I wish something like that had happened to me.

I wish I had thought of that back when I lived at home in front of my mom and sister

nice story it aroused me. have you ever seen your sisters naked? its wonderful you know!!!!