My First Cfnm Experience

I had my first CFNM experience when I was very young. It was also one of my first sexual experiences as well. I was a bit of a late bloomer and shy around girls. I thought about sex a lot but didn't know what to do about it. I didn't even start ************ till I was about 15.

I had this CFNM experience with my next door neighbor. I was about 13 and she was 12. But like most girls, much more mature and cleverer then I was.

One Sunday afternoon, I was hanging out at her house. Both of our parents had gone out shopping. We were the only ones in the house. We were spending a lazy afternoon lounging on her bed reading magazines. We were both a bit bored.

After a while she leaned into me and whispered into my ear "Do you want to see something naughty?” I nodded. She went away and came back with a magazine in her hand. "I found it hidden in mum's cupboard". It was a copy of PlayGirl magazine. I had seen Playboy magazine’s before, but never the female version, so I was curious to see what was in it.

We lay on our stomachs, and flipped through the pages together. There were pages and pages of fully nude men. She pointed out which pictures she liked the best. She seemed to like the ones where the men showed their *****. The pictures did nothing for me. But watching her looking at the pictures with such interest began to get me excited.

We finally came to one page that caught my eye. PlayGirl had this section in the magazine where they showed a sexy scenario using a series of photos. Kind of like a photo essay. The scenario was a sexy school teacher and a hunky student. In the sequence of photos, the teacher would ask the guy a question. Each time he got a question wrong, he would take a piece of his clothes off. Finally when he was totally naked, she made him bend over her desk and she spanked him on his bare ***. The story ended with her giving him a blow job.

I was fascinated by these photos. What really grabbed my attention was that, the teacher was always dressed and the man was totally nude. I had never seen anything like that before. I didn't know why that idea excited me so much.

My friend saw how intently I was studying these pictures. She smiled at me mischievously and said, “Do you want to act this out?”

We had always played make- believe games together (pretending to be cops and robbers etc). But nothing this naughty. I nodded yes.

I stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed. She was the teacher. I was her pupil. She asked me some basic math questions which I purposely answered wrong. Each time I got a wrong answer I took some of my clothes off. As I slowly undressed in front of her, I could tell by the expression on her face that she liked it.

Finally, I was standing in front of her in just my white underwear briefs. She was really excited now. I had never been nude in front of her before. I’m not sure if she had ever seen a naked man before. I decided to string her along a bit. I kept on answering the questions correctly, so I could postpone the time that I would have to take it all off.

She was getting annoyed and kept asking me harder and harder questions. I could tell that she really wanted me to take all my clothes off. Finally I gave in. I gave her a wrong answer. She almost jumped up in excitement. I turned around and slipped off my briefs. Then I covered my **** & balls in my hands, and faced her.

She was disappointed and wanted me to remove my hands. But I was enjoying teasing her. I wanted this to last. I said that I was shy. But that she could spank me if she wanted to. She did.

I turned my back to her and bent over her desk, still holding my **** in my palms. She came up behind me and started to firmly spank my bare butt with her hands. Each time she spanked me, she let her hands linger on my buttocks. Softly rubbing the spot that she had just hit. The sensation was unbelievable. As her hands gently roamed my buttocks and thighs, a warmth cascade through my body. I could feel her breath on my neck. My **** began to swell in my hands.

She asked me again if she could see my ****. I demurred at first. She said "please, please, please". I finally relented, if she promised that she wouldn't tell anybody and that this would be our secret. She said "cross my heart and hope to die".

I said, let’s go into the bathroom. I didn't want anyone to catch us.

We went into her bathroom and locked the door. She couldn't wait, I could tell. But I made her promise again. Finally when she could stand it no longer I move my hands away and my fully erect **** bounced in front of her.

For a while she was breathless. She just kept on looking at it silently. I said she could touch it if she wanted to.

She came forward and gently took it in both her hands. She ran her fingers up and down my shaft. Gently squeezed my ball sack. The feeling was exquisite.

We spent a lot of time in that bath room that afternoon. We hugged each other each. I kissed her several times on her lips. I let her explore my body with her hands as much as she wanted. I stayed nude the whole time. She offered to take her clothes off too. But for some reason, I liked it more this way. We were wrapped in each other arms. Me nude. She in a thin dress. I did feel her body all over. Putting my hand in her dress and down her pink panties. It was the first time I had felt a naked girl's body too and I was just as curious as she was. I enjoyed feeling her buttocks and ***** over her clothes. The feel of the thin fabric separating my fingers from her smooth bare skin.

Finally we heard the car come up the driveway, so I quickly dressed and we went back to her room. No one caught us that day. And she never told anyone.

This became our little secret. We never had an opportunity to do this again. But whenever we were alone, or no one was around I would unzip my pants and let her feel my ****.

I think this is when I became a CFNM aficionado.
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It doesn't gett any better than this, and unless you two were interrupted too early, I am sure you must have *** for her. I would love to have that experience for hours. Also well written!! What a nice introduction to eary sexual experiences.

Hot story!

Thanks. You can check out the other experience I posted too if you liked this one.

Did you every ask her if she wanted to act out the last picture and lick or suck you?

How did she feel about that?

Not that day. That was as far as I dared go that day. She did suck my **** several years later.