CFNM 2 girls wax my bits in a beauty parlour.

I recently had my shoulders waxed by a young women with large breasts that were practically hanging out. this was at a mixed sex beauty saloon. Whilst there we chatted about other areas that she waxed and said quite a few men have their bits waxed. I said i would think about it and some 8 weeks later i booked an appointment for that friday to have my shoulders and bits waxed. I turned and after waiting anxiously for a while another girl who was also young and very pretty led me through to a back room and told me to undress and that they would be with me in a couple of minutes. I wondered what she meant, it sounded like 2 girls were coming in. I got undressed and already had a huge hardon, I laid face down on the bed naked, and sure enough the two girls came in. they explained that one would keep my skin tight while the other would wax me. they wanted me to role over to do my sack first and i asked would they mind doing my shoulders first. They did my shoulders then told me to role over, I did and watched there faces light up as my erection sprung up. They stared at my **** and then to each other, I said sorry I can't do anything about it and they said it was ok it makes it easier to wax. I was laid on my back with a pillow for support they then bent my knees out sideways to expose my sack. They stood either side of me and told me what they were going to do whilst looking and my ****.They then took it in turns to hold my **** while the other one waxed it. Once it was finished they got some after waxe cream and massaged it into my **** and balls, my **** was twiching in her hand i thought i was going to come. I was then told to have a good look and see if they had missed any bits. I laid there half sat up moving my **** and balls about while they just stood there over me looking at my ****. I said it looked ok to me, and asked them what they thought. I got a smile and was told it looks good. They then left the room telling me to come out when you are ready. it was the smile in their faces as they turned and looked at me before they went out that looked so sexy. That was 3 weeks ago and I am going back in 5 weeks time. I need to work out how to try and make it better, if I can.

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Great experience . Was the procedure painful?

Yeh. Right. In your dreams.

Just wow. I have been making myself smooth by using a hair removal cream called veet for years now. First time i used a razor and oh my god what a misstake. The irritation from the hair growing back between my sack and my legs was excruciating from the very next day till i cant remember when & the ingrowing hairs that followed led to a very embarrassing moment involving my mother (nothing sexual about that at all) as my girlfriend at the time didn't have a clue what to do. I know have massive CFNM fantasies and i really cant work out ow on earth i haven't thought abut this before, what an amazing opportunity and your experience sounds amazing. knowing my luck, if i book an appointment, my consultant will prolly be a big black bloke named big bertha (this would not be a good experience)<br />
One question, whats the after pain like? <br />
I have quite a high pain thresh hold, but prolonged irritation is horrendous.<br />
This could end up being one hell of an amazing experience.

Absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing. I have an appointment to have it done next week and had NO clue what to expect... I hope it is as good as your experience. Mine will be done at a school, so I'm going to offer to the teacher that any girls (students) who haven't seen it done before can watch! Wish me luck!