Wife And Mil

When I came home from a business trip my wife and her mother both began cough and choke complaining that I smelled like cigars.  They both followed me upstairs, complaining all the way.  When I opened my suitcase my wife said she was going to pass out from the rich aroma of my slight cigar habit. 

My wife and her mother helped me unpack my suitcase so they could immediately take my clothes from the master bedroom to the laundry room.  My wife complained that the clothes I was wearing also smelled like cigars.  Both of them ripped my clothes off of me down to my boxers.  (Mother-in-law had seen me in only boxers countless times prior to this.) 

As I headed into the master bath someone (I'm still not sure which one) came up behind me and yanked my boxers down to the ground.  Without missing a beat I stepped out of them and kept walking to the bathroom.  I heard them laughing like lunatics as they took my clothes off to be washed.

FlatbushSam FlatbushSam
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2010

Had it been my mother in law, it would have been her doing the pulling!

Great....I'm sure your mother-in-law peeked!

Interesting! This story proves that there are many opportunities for fun CFNM situations to occur!