Write A Story That Contains The Five Words Below

Extraterestrial        Waterbomb               GI Joe           Breakfast              Rum
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

hello. my name is GI JANE, and this is my diary...for starters, here at war I must have an alter ego...not only to eat this thing called breakfast we're served, but for survival. My alter egos name...G.I. JOE....it only feels right!
last night there was a false alarm. I, and I mean I when I say it- had the first taste of extraterrestrial contact... in the form of a waterbomb! These douche bags think it's hilarious to save old,nasty half eaten meals, fruit (rotted by the desert heat obviously) and anything else they come across, then pour this concoction into a balloon, set the stage for an "attack" and bam bam! splat splat! I was attacked by friendly fire.
Am I scared? NOPE. could I use some rum with a cola back....hells yea!
today is a new day. payback + me is a *****. hahaaa! time to plot... I'll leave this diary tbc until my attack is executed!

ooh yeah i can make it easily
GI joe is a person who is living in an extraterrestial area and one day morning he wake up and go to a terrestial area after having his breakfast and he carried a bottle of rum in his hand to drink on the way
and when he entered in to a place he saw a WATERBOMB there
suddenly ran away from there