Snowy Needs Some Help :)

I saw this group when I read Destry’s story and had to join!
I too, have a lot of groups that I haven’t written stories for ..yet.
I’d like to encourage you to help me write them. I do have veto power as there are some groups I have been removing because they do not apply any longer.
Ok so now let’s have some fun…pick a group and I will write the story :)
*Thanks to Des for her inspiration*
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16 Responses Aug 13, 2010

ok,can you write a story about a addict who suddenly finds themself hearing inspiration through god?

Indeed. :P

Marcus- I am working on that one...that's a toughie :)

snowy: you still haven't answered my sci-fi challenge yet! :P<br />
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I have other challenges for you, once you finish that first one! ;)

BF- I got your challenge via PM and posted it this morning in the 'I think you have a lot of nerve' group! <br />
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Thanks for the challenge :)

mysong - I agree with snowbunny - the whole posting thing isn't so much about how many people comment or even who comments - if you get that kind of response I almost always tend to look at that sort of input or feedback as a bonus. <br />
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It can be a bit dispiriting to not get any comments on things - but the more you keep writing, the more things people have to comment on, and I find that sometimes I get comments on things much later, and from very unexpected places...;)

mysong- I think it depends on the people in your circle that are online at the time. Sometimes I write about life and love, sometimes I write about pink fuzzy slippers. I think it depends on the viewing audience. I can't say I dont like people to comment on my stories because I do BUT I do write for me. The topics and groups I join are ones I am interested in. This post was sort of a challenge for me to write more and maybe some different things. <br />
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Don't give up! Keep writing for you the comments will follow ~ :)

Thanks for the challenge Marcus! <br />
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I have a few I have received via PM so I will add that to my list. While browsing your experiences I found 11 stories for you to write and that was after only a few pages.. you want me to post them or send them via PM? LOL <br />
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My story challenge: Write a story for your top EP group, "I like Sci-Fi". It can be about anything science fiction related, but the more recent (within the last month or so) the better. ;)<br />
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Your turn now, what challenge do you have for me? :)

Percheron- you check and get back to me ok? <br />
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BF- Des has some wonderful stories. I wrote the story today she choose for my challenge ...

Hmmm, I will have to see if I can find the list. It has been a long time.

Hmm Percheron..PM me with the stories you are referring too :)

FG, you are not the only one that has challenged her in the past. I am still waiting on some of the stories that she has talked about. Hmm, careful Snowy what you challenge people with. LOL

FG- I am working on that. As well as you know me I have to be in the right mindset to write erotica. Do I get a writing partner for that assignment ?

Ummm I challenged you to write and even gave you key naughty words to get you started.

LOL @ Des. I will work on that one soon my friend ..thanks for the challenge :)