I Challenge You

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I challenge your concept of beauty. I have spastic ataxic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. I can't walk or hold my own balance for more than a few seconds. My tight muscles sometimes make my limbs contort. I have a crooked smile and bifocals. I use a motorised wheelchair and am forced to wear incontinence aids due to a lack of care funding for more "bathroom breaks". The bulge caused is probably not obvious but I hate it. I have scars from too many surgeries gone awry. I am flat chested. I have not had sex in many moons because nobody local desires me.

I challenge your concept of beauty, because I am beautiful, no matter what.

I am not physically ugly, but I worry about the societal view of beauty. I cramp in the missionary position, so the quickie lover should not pursue me. I like the physicality of sex, but I am no bimbo. This is my challenge, does a partner have the compassion to spend quality time with me?

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You are a strong and truly beautiful person; an inspirational to us all. Your positive attitude and belief in yourself should be an example to many. It is you and your story that I think is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it with us. Many blessings and love to you.

I unfortunately agree with Lewcifer. People, naturally try to make others feel better and generally tend to think more positively than things really are. This online forum is a safe place for those to express themselves, but who in reality wouldn't judge someone with a physical ailment. "Stigma" by Erving Goffman addresses this concept. I think that physical attractiveness is not the most important thing in the world, and although it is scientifically proven that the most attractive have the most job opportunities and such this does not mean everything. Some of the prettiest people I know are the most miserable!

YOU are NOT your body - you are YOU and I admire you for many reasons, but NOT because YOU are in a 'crooked' body. I admire you for your realisation that you ARE beautiful on the inside, and for your tenacity in reaching out to others regardless of your 'disabilities'.

hi, i am there with you!! i have c.p. also and am so lonely to hold a nude woman, but they will not even give me the time day! i am 52 and never have seen a real set of boobs and that is all i wish for, i don't want sex just a nice set of breast to hold, suck, kiss, ect. i go out dancing hoping to get luckly, but all i get is being made fun of! we have a hard life. there are so many women and guys in this world that a few of them could see our need of being loved, and touch and give it to us, but we ,or a least i, get told "no no you must not think of that" "thay are only worker and you don't say any think to upset them"! so we must keep all our feeling in, to keep from being put a way.. not fair

Oh, man...I am adding you 637robert, I can empthise. Let's chat.

any time, i am speedsharp@sbcglobal.net. would love to chat with you and anyone else.<br />
<br />

love ya babe, don't worry you will find true love, be careful babe I worry about you!

peoplesprincess, I'm alright. It's the men and women who might try to catch me that you should worry about. I test them well these days.

Hey Doll, I can go on the conversations we've had alone.. I don't give a flying rats arse what abilities you have. You have treated me with nothing but respect, and caring. I will endeavour to do the same to you. <br />
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I have a very good friend who has spina bifida, I seen the pain she goes through, I've seen her scars and been trusted enough to go with her to specialist appointments with her. I know her history too and the horrors she's faced throughout life.. It comes down to this. I love her with all my heart and would do anything to take that pain away from her if only for one day - I would in a heart beat do so. I don't care what abilities she may or may not have... She is my friend, and I love her regardless. I have worked with children of all abilities, and needs.. So yeah... <br />
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I wish you nothing but the best, blessed be, and may you find your one true love who satisfies your every desire both in life and the bedroom. Take Care Doll.. and give any of em doubters hell! LMN xxxx

I would certainly enter into a friend-with-benefits relationship with you, sight unseen, because you seem like a great person to chat with (intelligent, honest, secure), and that makes you attractive to me. To be honest, if I'd be required to care for you in ways that I don't need to do for the average woman on the streets, then I would shy away from getting more involved with you regardless of how beautiful you are. I'm brutally honest, it's a curse.<br />
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As for sex, I'm flexible and great with oral so you'd have no problem with cramps around me. Once I learn all the things that turn you on, watch out!!! Your heart had better be healthy! :)