I use to think that I shouldn't try and look as good as I can because I knew I would never look as good as some people.

This was a while ago mind you. But as corny as it sounds I have always relied on my inner beauty.

It's funny because you can meet someone, and you get a first impression of them. But I have found that as you get to know someone, there appearance changes in relation to how they are as a person. How they are in there heart (if they let you see it). And I have seen people transform in front of me! It's kinda coo-key.

~ I believe that if you love yourself you have nothing to fear.

Besides there's no use fretting over, "oh, my ears are too big"

or "oh, I hate my freckles".

It's like asking why a bird has a beak and not a nice soft nose...

if you catch my drift ;)

keep smiling.


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2 Responses Oct 17, 2008

That's about where I am right now. I still have problem seeing myself as any kind of beautiful. I'm just happy somebody has found a way out of that kind of thinking.

Oh wow, I used to think the same way!<br />
I felt that I couldnt 'compete' with all the 'beautiful' people, so I deliberately made myself look as though you wouldnt want to talk to me. <br />
Its taken me till now to figure out that the most beautiful person can also be the most ugliest on the inside.