Women & Beauty

One thing that I've noticed about discussions on the Concept of Beauty is their similarity to political discussions. Seriously, just substitute a few words and the two types of discussions are equivalent in their ferocity and the lengths some will go to argue their point.*

In recent years, the images of beauty we see plastered all over the media have sparked ferocious debate. And, they've sparked a counter movement. Through this battle of sorts, "Thin is In" has been countered with "Real Women Have Curves."

To be quite honest, I disagree with the extremes of both. By this I mean that I dislike the disparaging and demeaning comments occurring on both sides of the spectrum where thin girls are 'not normal' or have eating disorders and larger ones 'can't put the donuts down' or are lazy. Especially since, more often than not, neither of these is true. 

I think we can all agree that its not OK for little girls to think they have to starve themselves to be beautiful. But, its just as damaging to ridicule the naturally slender. Its also incredibly counterproductive. Because, instead of solving the issue of 4/5 women hating their bodies, we're just giving eachother fodder that perpetuates a vicious cycle of generalizations and stereotypes.

Because really, 'natural' beauty isn't thin or curvy...its both.


*I'm not attacking anyone's opinions...just making a generalized observation and stating my opinion. :)

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cool I hate to see people hurt over body image. So many people believe they are too fat and while fewer think they are too thin, the results of thinking so are eaually devistating.<br />
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My health teacher in highschool had the balls to say to us one day in class while we were watching the move Supersize Me, that anyone could look like a model if they wanted to. I just about had a seizure I was so mad I couldn't speak. Those women are airbrushed and their bodies manipulated, adds in magazines aren't real that's why they are adds!<br />
I just wish we could all learn to love ourselves, besides we're stuck with us for the rest of our lives.

Thank You! =)

Wow, I only wish I were one quarter as eloquent as you. You are not one right on the mark but inspiring as well.<br />
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Thank you for writing your opinion here for us to read.<br />
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Kudos and a large hug

thanks. :)

Very good point rocky! :)

I agree.<br />
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And I would add my opinion, that far too much emphasis is placed on beauty, and acceptance. <br />
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Health should be the priority, in my mind - and the problem with the debate upon beauty, is that it is counter-productive to the actual health issues within society.<br />
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It's not good for you to be too underweight, or to be too overweight, regardless of what you may find astetically pleasing.