Well...Here's the Thing!

I do change around my Top 20 friends, from time to time. There are those who will always be the top three! That's my pal, Philip... my sister and my mother! And some will stay on the top list, until the day they decide to leave EP, like my friend Momo and his friends, Raining and Rosco. Also, markismyheart, Mizzblue, and Saratoga! ;-)

But the rest changes around, based on who is speaking to me or not. After a while, I just don't hear from others... for many months at a time. Meanwhile, others in my circle are speaking with me often... So, I have to give them a chance at the top and let the others slide down a few numbers. It's nothing personal, it's just I only have twenty slots for the top list. And it does get kinda lonely to see half that list aways blank, because the person never logs online anymore. Yet, getting messages from others that are so far down on the list. If this makes sense! XD

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Mar 7, 2009