At present I have a video uploaded that reminds me of most of the women in my circle right now 

We are kick *** and sweet ...therefore Pink is there.....

If something happens or someone PMs me about a problem  , I will usually change the video accordingly ....

Almost as a gesture towards them ...however I don't tell ...I figure if they see it they will know I am thinking of them ..

If they don't so be it ...

It is like a surprise gift to them , a way to show I am thinking of them , that I feel for them , and how I feel about them ...


Yes many will think I am a DJ without an audience  *shrugs* .... I like doing it .. it doesn't need to make perfect sense .... 

And for all of the kick a** ladies from EP that  read this look at my Pink video that's for you girls .....=-)


Now step back and let kitti ..lay some tracks * puts headphones on and starts scratching *


softkitti softkitti
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15 Responses Feb 10, 2010

closed off from love , I didnt need the pain <br />
Once or twice was enough and it was all in vain <br />
Time starts to pass before you know it your frozen <br />
<br />
ohh Dem ...the way she sings that song me chills everytime I hear it girl .....<br />
<br />
ahh thank you red ..this wiggles for you *wiggles booty faster * =-D

LOLOL! too cute Kitti!

yaayy pump it up pump it up *pumps fists in air * .... hey star babe!!!=-P

*dances like crazy* DJ Kitti always keeps the party going! =D

ahhh Imiatation is such flattery no that girl!!!! =-D

Technotronic... Pump up the Jam.... ever hear of it?

LOL Kitti I think CJ just copied your ..... thingy... that you do..... you know.....with the run and spanking thing?

yaayyayya *puts headphones on and starts scratching for Dems party * ..........thank u girl what do u want to hear ..ll cool j......lady gaga?

I'll have to pay more attention to your videos now... I never realized you were doing that.

*runs in...dances with de, kisses kitti, hugs lady* <br />
<br />
*giggles*<br />
<br />
<br />
*skips away*

LOLOL I love to dance with all the ladies of EP! *Laughs and dances with Kitti!*

ahh for you red *dances with Red wiggling booty* =-D

Love Pink and Love the video. thanks kitti!

*giggles* ahh I knew you would comment on this one ...Daya found the pic and said she resembled me ....put it in the post ...*rolls * all latinas look alike to her no?....thank you for commenting my darling *hugs scribs tightly *

*smiles* nice song's so Rebellious and cool.