A Changed Wet Diaper In Public Now My Wet Diaper To Wear!!

One day, along time ago, we were at the Park having a good time and my Friend had to change her Daughter's Luvs Diaper who was I believe was 5. (These are when the Diapers were really good) She was really Wet!! She then asked me, I then knew she was up to something, if I would Throw away the Wet Diaper or would you like me to Diaper you and put the diaper on you!! I said yes Please!! She then took it into the Stall and peed in it more and made it more fun to wear!! The Smell was so incredible of Combined Pee and it Felt great!!
DiscoTech DiscoTech
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2 Responses Oct 23, 2012

It is the Best Smell of Combined Pees, Baby Powder, Lotion Ect and Feels the Greatest!!!

Yes that would have been wonderful.I really love to ********** in a wet baby diaper.They smell so inviting and babyish.