Not My Best Change

I was at the movies with my boyfriend. We had just finished watching The Dark Knight Rises and were planning on going shopping afterwards, so we went into the family bathroom so I could change. We did our usual- me lay on the floor while he tears away my used diaper then replaces it with a clean one. While I was not diapered, and he was wiping me down, I began to mess all over the new diaper and floor! My diaper was under me so it wasn't all on the floor, but a good majority had squished onto the tiles. My mess continued to slide out for a good minute or two, while we tried to catch it in the diaper, then when i finished, My boyfriend recleaned me, powerded an diapered me, then we both cleaned the messy floor. A very long and gross clean up.
Even with Having incontinence all my life, I had never been this embarrassed before. Yeah, My boyfriend changes me all the time, especially my messy diapers, but I had never actually pooped right in front of him. I actually teared up while messing on midchange but luckily, he claimed me down and comforted me.
Piddemydickkk Piddemydickkk
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

You have a great guy there. Wish I could find a woman like that. Or if they wore nappies as well even better.
When I was a kid I exploded all over my friends bathroom when I threw up in his loo. It went all over the floor and walls. Plus I'd filled my pjs in bed. I took them off before I threw up. I was so upset. Wish I'd been in nappies then lol.

you are lucky to have him he must love you very much