Public Diaper-change

I've been a diaper lover since I was a boy about 7 or 8 and have experienced a lot in the realm of diaper-wearing, but this was probably the bravest thing I've done...

When I was 21 (two years ago) I was coming home from a week at the beach with some friends.  I decided to stop and pick up some adult diapers at a store in NC, as I was 4 hours from home and was it was very unlikely i'd run into anyone i knew. I bought the diapers and some powder from a CVS and drove to a lot nearby to put them on in the car.  I put on two (cutting slit in the inner one) because it was going to be a long drive and as far as I'm concerned, the bulkier the better! After a while of driving on cloud 9 I started to feel the need to pee.  I figured I could always find a parking lot to change in if i got uncomfortable, so I went ahead and let go. I had been on the road for about 2 and a half hours and it was now completely dark outside (about 10:00). I started to get the urge to poop, but I hadn't really done that outside of my house or anywhere I couldn't take a shower readily when I was done enjoying the "accident" so I decided to try and hold it.  About an hour or so later I was hurting pretty bad and letting go started to seem like a better and better plan.  I decided to just go and stop at a rest area to change.  It was around 11 now and I didn't figure TOO many people would be at the rest area off the interstate, it was a thursday night afterall. I pushed and was able to take a good-sized poop, but was  restricted by sitting down and the double-diaper i had on.  I saw a rest area coming up so I decided to finish the deed there and change before heading on home.  It was fairly deserted, but not nearly as quiet as I'd hoped for.  There were four cars in the parking lot, one of which arrived just before I pulled in. A family of five was walking to the bathrooms, and a man sat on the stoop out front. I decided that I couldn't really wait for the next rest stop, so I bit the bullet and reminded myself that I was too far from home to be recognized. I pulled in, pulled on some white mesh athletic shorts and opened my car door.  I stood just outside my car without shutting the door and continued to push more mess into my already fairly noticeable diaper.  I emptied my bladder as well with the reliable the post-poop relaxation. Meanwhile I observed the "situation" of people at the rest stop and chose to make my move when the family had returned to their car.  I held two extra diapers and my small container of powder I'd bought and realised that this was going to be quite a clean-up task without wipes or water.  I was already there and I was gonna do this, so as I saw the family leave, I reminded myself again that I was safe from being discovered at least by someone I knew and walked with a purpose to the bathroom.  The man was still sitting on the stoop and I passed by him trying to act like a wasn't currently walking in noticeably crinkly diapers with a giant load in my pants holding nothing but a couple of large diapers and some baby powder...  I must have been BEAT RED.  I took a deep breath and entered the bathroom.  There were two guys in there now, one at the urinals and one at the sink.  I acted innocent of my condition once again and hoped for at least a little concealment from the already stinky bathroom.  I went into the last stall (the handicapped stall) and surveyed the situation.  Enough TP, floor space, some bravery?  All there. Phew. I waited for the one guy at the sinks to leave and said the heck with the other guy.  I didn't know him anyway.  I ******** off my shorts, layed down on the cold tile, and starting up-taping.  Terribly loud, as I'm sure all that are reading this are aware of, but I continued unstopped and revealedthe insides of my very messy diaper.  I cleaned what could with the used diapers and finished as best I could with the TP I had there.  By now the remaining guy had left and I was alone.  After tearing holes in one of the fresh diapers and laying them both out on the floor with powder, I powdered myself as well and layed back down onto the new diapers.  As I was pulling the inner diaper up I heard some chatter as two guys, sounding middle-aged entered the bathroom.  I continued diapering myself with slightly more attention to the noise I was making, but as you know, plastic disposables are never quiet.  I finished up and stood, pulled-on my shorts and grabbed my used diapers from the toilet seat.  One guy was still washing his hands as a came out of the stall, but I just didn't make eye contact, disposed of the dirties, and proceeded to wash my hands unhindered.  I walked out holding just my baby powder, crinkly louder than I had before. As I passed by the same man from earlier, still perched on that curb, I realised he must know exactly what had just transpired, but what he didn't know, was that I had secretly enjoyed every second of it.  I got back in my car and headed for home.  When I recounted what I had just done back to myself in my head on the drive, I realised that I got a lot out of that little road trip. I got a new-found enjoyment in adventuresome public diaper-wearing, a slight case of diaper rash (should've bought wipes too), and a good story to share with people that know what it's like to live the life of a secret DL. 


Let me know what you think and maybe some crazy things you guys (pref. girls ; )) have done in your diapers.

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I am loveing wearing diapers at school my mom doesn't Know I'm 11 and wear diapers my teacher does to but she is 37 we go to her car and change each other.

seriously with your best interests at heart, you should not be diapering your teacher when she is 37 years old and you are just 11. Compared to your teacher you are just a baby.. (I mean that as a metaphor) You are not even a Teen Baby yet, and Infantilism and children as a rule of thumb are kept apart.

For the safety and protection of everyone.

You could not inter the Adult diapering changing areas at your local Tim Horton's because not each employee's are wearing them.

My nearest equivalent was that i was staying in a hotel and did a huge poo in my nappy. So i changed myself and took the stinky nappy out of the room and dumped it in a trash bin outside the hotel. i was quite sure that the people in the reception area of the hotel could tell something was happening (the smell for heavens sake) but nobody actually said anything. I often go out in a nappy but that was the only time that i had done a poo anywhere other than my home. Mummy changes me there but in the hotel there was noboy to help

I could handle everything except laying on the dirty floor. i prefer pullups for this reason i have had to change in public restrooms manymany times. but using s full diaper is brave

I was leaving college- my last class of the day and had the urge to "go". I wanted to make it to my car. (I'm not comfortable "messing" in public. I had already tried the bathrooms, but they were full. I was turning the corner down the last hallway when suddenly I realized I would not "make-it." I began to let go about half way down the hallway. It was a BIG mess. It filled the front, back, and underneath. When I got home my BF was pissed- he wishes I weren't in diapers. He took a sniff and felt the back of my pants, and asked "Why are you messy?" I started crying and went to the bathroom to clean-up. I was so upset I peed a little before I had the chance to change. This was the biggest mess I had ever made! Please share more of your stories with me!

I have, but not the poo,

I have, but not the poo,

Damn you're brave i could never do anything like that.

its a lot of fun