Change Your Own Life...

Well I first came to EP to seek other people.
Maybe to share experiences, give advice and whatnot.
But the entire time something was troubling me. I wasn't happy.
Suffering from the last relationship I had, being left at the altar was pretty devastating.
I also lost all three of my jobs this january, a year after my ex left me at the altar. It was going pretty bad.


However in the past two years I've decided to do something about it. I changed everything. I put my foot down, I became a better man, in my opinion at least.
I improved my attitude towards things. I wasn't so angry when things didn't go my way or when people decided to try and push my buttons to see me react and lose my temper.

I recently met another woman and we're madly in love. We are inseparable and I"m just enjoying all the days and the time we spend together as a couple. We're taking things slow, but it just seems that the more time we are apart, the more we yearn to get back into each others arms, and for this I am simply eternally grateful be wanted again, and to be close to another person.

I"m also getting more interviews for jobs. I still haven't landed one, but I'll keep going and I'll find a couple here or there to get me back on the right track. Now I just smile. I learned to smile everyday. I take walks around my neighborhood with my earplugs on and relaxing music to help me through the daily struggles of life. I don't stay at home all day like I used to. I get out and try to enjoy all the little things in life. I am blessed to be able to breathe the crisp air in the morning, to see the sun rise and set, to see the children play and smile at their youth, their energy and whatnot. I'm going out with my friends more often, and none of this would of been possible if I didn't change my life for myself, and not just for anyone else.

So let my own experiences help others seek more peace and to potentially help them through life as well.
NeoBatou NeoBatou
31-35, M
2 Responses May 11, 2012

You are a rare breed my friend. It takes a lot for a man to look forward instead of dwelling on the past. It's something I feel like I haven;t grown into yet but one day I know I will. With an attitude like you have, you can only go up from here. Don;t know why I read this and I don;t know why it cheered me up but it did.

good are cool !