Your Name, Your Identity

Well all my life I have wanted to change my name and I've never felt comfortable with it. It's not that it's not pretty or that I'm not grateful for my mom having me. I just wanted to feel good about it and after all this time I have finally found a name that feels right. I am in the midst of changing it. My name was Tiffani and I'm now Francine. It's taken a lot of courage and bravery to change it at this point in my life but I feel the time is right. One of my best friends has already started calling me that along with a friend in my yoga class. I want to be sure it feels right for me but so far so good! It fits me like a glove. My best friend's husband doesn't quite understand why I'm doing this but I feel in time he and others will get used to it and hopefully not even think of me as anything else. I'm feeling good about this!
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3 Responses Oct 13, 2012

I love the name Francine it's so pretty! I'm in the process of changing my name as well and I feel like my new name fits me better.

I am in the middle of the same process and it's quite therapeutic yet scary at the same time. I am 31 yrs old, and am ditching my first name and going by my middle name. My first name was Nicholas (Nick) and I never felt like it suited me. I have a bad past and felt that creating a new identity and adopting my middle name would be a good start. My middle name was Joseph so my friends now call me Joey. I feel like a new person, and most people are supportive of the change, while others don't understand it and are looking me like I'm having an
Identity crisis. I just want to be happy with my name. I'm hoping it's a transitional time that people look at it as wierd and soon enough most people will be well adjusted.

That sounds great, congrats for going ahead with the really feels good!

Go for it! Our oldest son decided to change his when we made a move when he was just entering 9th grade. He and I shared the same first name, but he liked his middle name better. He wanted to be his own person as well. He switched it around and just used initial for first name and spelled out his middle name. Almost 30 years later he is still using his middle name and I could not be happier. Yes my wife and I named him, but why should he be stuck with what other people want? I have always been proud of him, but that was one of his earlier clarifying moments.

great! Thanks for your input!