Just the Spelling Really

 Yes, I'm still me, but I corrected the spelling.  "adiyo" sort of looked like it should have three syllables, when really it should have two.

In case anyone's interested, it's the name of a baby I knew a few years ago.  She was Sudanese, a refugee with her mum, brother and two sisters.  She was the most gorgeous little thing.  I used to hold her on my lap so her mum could do some study (I was tutoring her) and she used to curl her little arm around me so comfortably.  I always called her "little monkey", wondering vaguely if that would be deemed inappropriate by others, but I figured that I'd use the same term for any baby that behaved the same way.

I had cause to try and figure out the spelling of her name when I was helping the family to complete a census form... none of them knew how to spell it in English.  I asked the two oldest children (11 and 7) to say it for me, but they kept saying it too quickly.  I kept asking them to slow down and repeat it, until finally they got to "A - DJI - YO".  I wrote "Adiyo" because I thought the J seemed superfluous, but since then I've realised it probably only seemed superflous to me.  I've also met a lot more Sudanese people since then and it's actually a common name, the spelling I'm using now isn't one that I've seen before but it best reflects what I hear when they say it.

adjyo adjyo
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