My original username was Mini42301

A game that I played when I was younger called Club Penguin my original username for that was Mimi42301 but I guess Club Penguin didn't allow people to say that since it was a name at that time? I don't really know... So, my CP friends I guess you could say called me Mini. :P and the numbers 42301 are my bday numbers! Oh by the way Mimi is a nickname my oldest cousin calls me.

And I was just messaging someone earlier on EP and they said something about me being a fox instead of me being a monkey since my original profile for that was a money license picture. (I'll add it as cover image) so, then i went to google and looked up fox license and found a white empty license plate thing about foxes so then I decided to use Insta collage (Instagram app) and decided to have a text that still had Mini in it and something related to fox so I came up with Mini_Foxxy_Gurl since i am a girl. :P


The End!
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Aug 18, 2014