I Wanna Thank The B

When i was in the 5th grade, i didn't have any friends cause i easily got angry at everyone. That bad habits grew and grew and when i was in the 8th grade I meet the B. She was one of the nastiest girl with one amazingly nasty personality. She likes to make other people take sides and ruined my 8th grade. I had a bestfriend but she's in a different class, so i was alone in my class. The B really made all the girls in class ignore me, and didn't really wanna play with me. The B had a bestfriend to, I call her B2. They made me miserable.
And I know, the only way to change everyone around you, you must first change your self. So I did, I learn how to control my temper, I learn how to lay low, I learn how to keep my feelings for my self. That B had taught me a lot of things.
At first I was frustrated because honestly, the B doesn't have any problems with me, so why is she treating me like this. But in the end, because of her I CHANGE.
I become a better me :)
A happier me :)
The girl who everyone loves because she change.
And guess what B2 is now one of my BEST FRIEND her name is Nadya, and I love her so much. She apologize to me, and told me she ignored me not because she hated me, it's because The B was her friend. Now me and nadya are very close, even if we're in different classes, we always eat lunch together with our friends.

So i dedicated this story to The B a.k.a nanda. I hope we can be friends someday.
What you did to me taught me a lot. Thank you :) you have changed me.
missperiwinkle missperiwinkle
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012