Change Of Mind

Sometimes I think that i shouldnt have the current overall mindset that i do now. Not because I dont like it, but because the main reason I am who I am today is because of my response to a major setback in my life, not getting into that though. This setback made me start questioning everything about my life and why or how everything I did seemed to lead up to that moment, kind of like what a time traveler does in the movies when they are trying to make everything right. That prompted me to read up on physics, and because i felt betrayed by the situation, i read up on war strategy and revenge. I also started getting into politics and religion, since i am an atheist, which both were separate from the setback. Years after this event happened, and through the motivations i have just mentioned so far, I am become who I am now. I am intellectual, inquisitive, scientific, logical, tactical, and still somewhat emotional. If the setback had not happened, then i would consequently not be as intellectually fluent as I am today, and would have remained complacent with how my life was prior to it. Its bitter-sweet when it comes down to it, and I hate anything cliche, but I still cant resist to ask if it all happened for a reason, which would then constitute predestination, which of course I dont believe in.
KW444 KW444
26-30, M
Sep 18, 2012