No Kids of My Own!

I have changed so any nappies in my 5 years of college and work as i am a nursery nurse looking after 18 children a day 5 days a week and each one is still ina nappy!!!

So year do the maths - i cant im not clever enough! it means alot and alot of nappies!!!
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2 Responses May 17, 2007

i grew up needing to be diapered 24/7. which is why we have two teenage kids still in diapers. and because none of the disposables are made to be used as "diapers". we all wear sets of real cloth diapers with plastic panties 24/7. which means that there's been a lot of diaper changes, diaper laundry, and diaper related questions from everyone being able to see we're wearing "diapers".<br />
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so, go ahead and do the math. but, regardless, it's nowhere as bad as it's made to sound by those who seem to find diapers a chore, rather than just another part of life. at least, our diapered lifestyle has brought us closer as a family. especially when we hear our friends and neighbors telling us about all the problems they're having with their teenage kids. all things considered. my wife would rather have to diaper our teenage kids (and me), than to deal with our kids getting stds, unwanted pregnancy's, doing drugs, or poor grades in school, like everyone one around us says they are having to deal with. <br />
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anyways, that just our side of the diaper changing issue. <br />
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How old were the kids? Were the diapers disposables or cloths? I wish that you could diaper me.