I Had A Dream

Today , I had a dream,
That made me to scream;
Sitting in the full moon night alone on the beach,
Chilling weather and a complete silence prevailed all over,
As if the whole nature was sleeping taking its blanket over;
Then a bird captured my sight ,
Trying to find a place to hide,
Running away from the girl trying to catch him in that night,
The bird flown away in the tide;
The girl resembles to someone who comes everyday in my dream,
But that night ends with my scream;
I said hello and moved towards her,
But as I blinked my eye she disappeared…
And the next moment I was at the desert,
Searching for a drop of water here and there;
Then a sandstorm came and I saw someone coming from it,
As for me it was fighting with it,
It was none other than the same girl,
She gave me water to drink and gargle;
And as I blinked my eye I was again with her,
A candle light dinner on a cruise with her;
As if all the gods were with me this time,
I laid down on my knees and proposed har…
But I was wrong gods were not with me that time,

Fire caught over the whole place,
I hold her hand, smiled and ran,
Shielding her from the fire of that place,
I got bruises and burns but it was not paining,
Her eyes were wet with tears..
I wiped all of them and and put them in a bottle..
The fire took control over the whole ship..
Everyone is running here and there crying for help,
But in a mid ocean no one was there to help;
I took off my jacket and wrapped over her,
As my first thought was to save her;
At that time the whole ship was burning,
Everyone was crying,
And for me it was as if the time stops..
I looked at her face and picture her to find her in the next birth,
And instantly I woke up from the dream,
With a tear in my eye and scream,
Today I saw the dream that made me to scream;
It was an unforgettable dream I have ever had,
I can’t forget that angel and that moment,
As I lived thousand lives in that moment;
Today I had a dream ,
That ends with an everlasting memory and scream;

ayush201992 ayush201992
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

:) nice. well written :)