Love Women With Hair Between The Legs

i love women with hairypussy it looks nice and it feels great to touch, and when you have good sex its all so nice to lick a hairypussy. i think all women should stay hairy all the time. thats what i call a real women when there nice and hairy between there legs, so is there any women out there who would like to share any stories with me i dont mind what age you are

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36-40, M
4 Responses Jan 15, 2010

Smooth shaven does it for me!

to reborn1976. got your message i no is to early for cyber sex, so i take it you got a lovely hairypussy then, i love women with hair between the legs thats what makes a women, i hate women who shave there between there legs make them look like a little girl. the hairy the better for me. im anti hair and have been as long as i can remember.

I'm glad there are men like you still around.....but no I don't want to have cyber sex with you now.

And as a guy, I'm glad to hear there are women like you still out there who feel like you.

are you natural ?