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I've been getting to know a local married lady via email... I like her and very much hope to make this affair work out...I spent Friday evening in a fantasy meeting with her and sent her the following email...

I’m going to have to spend a moment admitting the shame I felt as I entered the night club and paid my entrance fee.  I was alone… drinking alone … and having used cash to enter a party where strangers would laugh and enjoy themselves made me feel even more alone.  To top it off, just about everywhere I go, I am a man who accidentally commands respect and admiration from people … so here, in this shadowy night club, I am even more alone and out of my water.  I quickly found a seat at the bar and began to nurse my first beer.  

Around me, people were happily chatting and moving seductively to the music.  A bit of people watching is always fun, so I turn on my stool and begin to focus on the happy folk enjoying their night out.  There were tables with friend groups – laughing and having a great time.  There were tables with couples, seducing each other with their eyes and a bit of booze.  And there were the free spirits on the dance floor, gyrating without fear of judgment.  Maybe they feel pleased to be seen and watched and maybe they were giving in to the command of the music to move their bodies.  Everyone looked wonderful and in their pleasure, I began to find my own. 

That’s when I first saw you and was fascinated by you.  The way you smiled and the playfulness of your movements conveyed your pleasure.  It was delightful!  Being out of my comfort zone made me very shy, so I simply sat on my stool and quietly lusted for you.  I knew my intrusion may have made you feel appreciated, but wouldn’t have improved your night, so I sat back and watched you.  When we made eye contact, we exchanged happy smiles, but I got nervous that my admiration for the way your cotton dress swirled around your frame as you moved on the floor would be interpreted as “creepy old guy” staring at you.  I tried to move on to others, but my eyes kept returning to you.  A fixation that I would just have to hope would be pleasing rather than creepy. 

You noticed I was watching you and decided to tease me with your movements and smiles. The way you moved your head and the way you looked over your shoulder at me told me that you didn’t think I was a stalker but someone who likes the way a woman moves when she feels comfortable with her body.  You were enjoying my eyes and the way I was trying so hard not to stare at you.  You sat down and crossed your legs, then uncross them again so that my eyes were drawn to your shapely legs.  You ran your fingers down your smooth legs and look up at me with a grin.  You knew I was watching you and to my great pleasure, approved.  

When you headed toward the bar, I tried to feign innocence!  But having any “safe” spot to go, you chose to saddle up next to me and I realized that you were giving me an opportunity to prove I wasn’t really the cowardly, half-man that I felt inside.  As you waited for the bartender to notice you, I saw the ring on your finger and tried my best to swallow my fear.  I reached out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Tom.” My nervousness intensified the joy I felt when you put your hand in mine and smiled, “Samantha”. 

“I’ve enjoyed watching you.  The way your dress flows when you move is … alluring”

You smiled and your eyes narrowed just a bit.  This narrowing is usually a signal of doubt, but tonight, I couldn’t help but think it was cute.  “I noticed and I’ve been enjoying your attention.”

LOL – I’d have presented myself less foolishly if you had slapped my face!  While a thunderous rush of excitement attacked every cell in my body, I blushed hard and turned my eyes to the floor!  Samantha, has anyone ever said something to you that made your mouth go instantly dry?  When I gained control of myself you were still there and you were smiling.  Our eyes met and we searched each other for truth.  “My wife has lost interest in partying with me.” I said and waved my arm at the dance floor, pretending that I meant going out to nightclubs.

You tried to stifle your giggle, but couldn’t.  “I know what you mean” was your answer and so within seconds, you had ******** away my mask and saw me for the sad, lonely, desperate man I felt like I was.  I smiled at this and knew you and I had common ground. 

There really was nothing left to do, except discover a courage I’ve never known before and offer you my hand. “I would prefer to walk and talk in the fresh night air.”  Your eyes lock with my eyes again – you are searching and wondering…doubting, yet confident.   After a pause, another flash of intense emotion rushed through every part of our bodies as you put your hand in mine and we prepared to walk out of together…  both of us experiencing the wild rush of an excitement that neither of us had known for a very long time…

Oh, Samantha!  I have to stop there for your email today!  : ) I made love with my mind’s image of you so intensely last night that I’m afraid my “little” story is 4 pages long!  I’ve made myself so wildly horny that I want to make love with you again! (And again)  In my wild desire for you, I’ve lost my mind and decided it is time to send my picture.  If you can still stand the thought of this man fantasizing about “having” you … please send back yours!  I will cherish the opportunity to enjoy your beauty as I edit and rewrite the passion I would have us share.  We will have a fantasy night together and as an added bonus, I will get to have another passionate hour or so in your arms!
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I got the photo and she is lovely.