I See You Everywhere

The moon obscured by wispy clouds…
Our minds are pondering the not alloweds…
The dark silhouette of the trees at night
Tell me that this seems just right.

The smell of grass and summer’s air
My mind flitters on your face so fair
And I ponder many things about your life
Hoping in me, you can relax from strife
We see each other as we are
as happiness overflows our jar
in moments holding hands, we smile
feeling joys and needs to stay awhile

Will you see this autumn through?
A few more months adoring you…
Will we laugh at the falling snow
I’ll watch from here and I will know
You’re at your home and free
To watch the snow fall and think of me.

Belle, we can take from life as we may
And share some times for explicit play
And know that in this tumultuous world
A man and woman, a park, a twirl
A bed, a sheet, a laugh, a smile
Please my dear, please stay awhile.
Sexcapades Sexcapades
51-55, M
1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Thanks for your evaluation. I wrote this as part of a seduction that ended up convincing a married woman to meet me for her first extramarital affair, so I guess it's a good thing the women I know aren't as serious about the poetry critiques as you are.