Top 10 Worst Toronto Maple Leafs Drafts Ever

1- Tom Martin, RW. Played 3 games with 1 goal. Drafted 5th overall from the Toronto Marlboro Midgets

2- Ernie Moser, RW. Drafted 9th and never played a game out of Estevan Bruins organization

3- Cam Crosby. Drafted 10th overall in 1966 out of Toronto Marlboro's. Never played a game.

4- Dave Cotey. Never played a game after being drafted 11th overall in 1964 from Aurora Jr.C

5- Neil Clarimont, C. Never played an NHL game, drafted 12th overall in 1963 out of Parry Sound Midgets

6- Brandon Convery, C. Drafted 8th overall, he wilted like a dead flower with just 28 points in 72 games

7- Jeff Ware, D. 15th overall pick, he never made any type of impact and played only 21 games before being given up on.

8- Erik Fichaud, G- drafted 16th overall, he never played a game with the leafs after being thought of as Potvin's successor.

9- Scott Pearson, LW. After being drafted 6th overall, he lasted just 292 games gaining 98 points.

10- Scott Thornton, C. Drafted 3rd overall, he never developed into the player they invisioned, scoring just 285 points in 941 games.
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Aug 11, 2010