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This passage is about introduction of tattoo machine structure and operation FAQs

The introduction of main structure and tattoo machine
As a whole, tattoo machine is consisted of tattoo machine host, tattoo machine power, hook line, pedal, tattoo machine handle, needle nozzle and needle. Tattoo machine host has two machine including secant machine and fog machine. The secant machine is used to tattoo the lines and contours and the fog machine is used to figure special effects for the tattoo pattern color. Others left are called tattoo machine accessories. The tattoo machine power supply is used to adjust the power supply voltage with range of 0-20V and power. The tattoo machine power hook line plays a role of connecting the power supply and tattoo machine connection. The foot pedal can control the tattoo machine start when it is connected to the power supply switch. The handle is located on the tattoo needle on the tattoo host, which is convenient for holding a machine operation. The needle nozzle makes a difference with the length of the needle reinforcing the stability of the needle and saving the tattoo pigment. Tattoo needle is a important tool penetrating the epidermis.

Tattoo machine operation FAQs
Some beginner may often encounter some problems and do not know how to resolve when they starts to tattoo, which will make them depressed. Following is the resolution list about tattoo machine FAQs. It is maybe helpful.
Possible reason that the needle cannot move when it is piercing the skin: 
1, the adjustment is not suitable. 2, the length of the needle is too long. 3, the needle is bent or with hook. 4, the frequency is too low. 5, the power supply voltage is too low.
Possible reason that the machine sometimes works and sometimes does not works:
1, the adjustment is not suitable. 2, it is too heat. 3, the power line contacts is dirty. 4, the the power supply voltage is too low.
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