Depressed... Have a perfect bf, a bright career but cant help getting myself in troubles. 2 years ago i could never imagine that i would turn out to be such a raging ***** like i right now am. Cheating on bf repeatedly...purely for sexual pleasure and felt so ******. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Am sorry am terribly sorry, my dear. I will never give up on myself. I of course can be better!
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It's ok Hun , I like this story (-; it's good to bed bad

my ex-wife made me suck the ***** of her black lovers while she watched and laughed as they cummed all over my face. She had always said she would leave me and take everything if i did not suck those *****. She finally did. She was younger and says I disgust her because I am bald out of shape. I had to wear panties well I was sucking them off and often i would *** in my panties with out touching myself. She liked to watch me get humiliated and at the same time excited so much so that I wet my panties. She was younger and says I disgusted her because I am bald out of shape. why? My life is ruined now!! :( But it makes me jerk off everyday thinking about what she did to me

But do you cheat and still love hím?

Yup. :(

But does it matter? Cheat is cheat. No excuse :(

It matter. I think its Stränge our Society sags to us if we love someone we wouldnt cheat. And you love hím but you have the need to cheat. But otherwise you feel bad about it. I see 2 things maybe you are a woman that need to have Sex with more than one man. Or you trying to punish yourself with something a Sorg of Säle desteuction. Is this the first relationship in which you cheat?

Hmm yup. Thanks for analyzing. Its a definite possibility. I also think i need to work on the deepest and darkest area of my problem.

I think that sometimes we think we dont deserve the people we love, that they are to good for us. So maybe this is the reasoning why you cheat. It sounds wird but maybe if you achieve to think that you are good enough for hím you dont have the desire to cheat.

What might that be?

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