I Cheated Because Of Play''28''

This is about a down hill soccer ball I cheated on my boyfriend, I didn’t come clean he found out then I came clean after lies and lies cover up and lies... the down hill soccer ball I call it... It was to do with a soccer player that’s what I traded my whole life in for!!! What was I thinking was it 2010 fever? Gosh Revenge who knows... Maybe I could’ve said the first night was a mistake like he keeps on telling me but going back would I still be playing with the Soccer ball if I wasn’t caught out!!! I really hope not, what I am!!! I’ve lost all sense of who I am I have degraded my morals my values myself worth... He wants to kill me and number 28 how could I have let this happen. I’ve pushed someone so far off the edge I am afraid for his life the life of the man I he is the man I love I messed up I can say that I messed up completely and its so hard to have done what I did to him, I feel this guilt eating me his hatred for me growing with every look he gives me every hand he lifts I feel the pain I have caused him... I can’t say we had the perfect relationship but I should’ve fought instead of giving up like I did... 

He wants to leave me I don’t blame him I beg everyday for forgiveness I don’t know what to do how to fix it... I let him do pretty much anything now he pushes me around silently now he threatens to kill me and 28 and yet I still love him want him am I crazy. I caused the problems and now he wants me to fix them how do I?

28Soccer 28Soccer
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2010