His Friend Wanted Me Bad- Part One

My boyfriend's friend invited me to come over to his place. My boyfriend was staying with him at the time, but I sorta had a little crush on his friend and I knew his friend felt the same way. We often would just hang out and drink, but my friend (who I was sleeping with behind my boyfriends back) kept calling me to meet up with him. My boyfriend was getting angry over it, and didn't want to be the type of guy that was jealous and demanding towards male friends. So this time he agreed to let me go, on one condition, I had to blow him first.

He said this in front of his friend, who was just standing there in shock, or amazement, but his eyes were wide, just looking at my boyfriend. He probably just didn't know what to say or how to react, 'cause when my boyfriend asked where we could go, he just pointed to his room, without saying anything. I told my boyfriend, okay, 'cause I just wanted to see my friend, and he took me by the hand into his mates room. He sat on the edge of the bed, and leaned back on his hands, and told me to get down on my knees. I did as he said, and got his **** out of his jeans, which was semi-hard. I held it firmly in my hands, and then plunged my lips onto it. I tried to take as much of him as I could, but he was too big to ever take his full length, so I would have to use my hand to stroke his base, as I sucked as much of him as I could. My sucking and licking, soon got him off, and I was surprised by how quickly he began shooting into my mouth. I drank him up, wiped my mouth from all the saliva, and he stood up to do his pants back up. I walked past his friend, who still hadn't moved, and said my goodbyes and left.

His friend invited me over another time, but this time to sleep over. He offered us his bed, but later changed his mind, getting angry at the thought of us having sex in it. Which I thought was strange, 'cause when I first started coming over he always told me I could have his bed to sleep in if I wanted to stay over.

He set up mattress's on the floor of his lounge, one for him and one for me and my boyfriend. During the night, my boyfriend tried to have sex with me like usual. I didn't want another incident though (like in my story about sharing a bed with his other friend), where his friend overheard us going at it, so I had to keep pushing him away and telling him no. He pleaded with me, and begged just to finger me then. I thought it would be quiet, so I agreed. He slipped his finger in me, and began to move it in and out slowly, and as I got more worked up, he slipped another finger into me, making me gasp a bit and tell him to do it slow. I was rubbing my hand along his arm, and squeezing his muscles, as he picked up the pace, fingering me harder. I struggled to keep quiet, but there were some moans I couldn't control. My boyfriend had a thing about getting me off around people. Eventually when he began rubbing my ****, I orgasmed, and he kissed me, and gave me his fingers to suck the juices off, before we went to bed.

I later found out, that his friend had been listening to the entire thing, was hard as hell, and just wanted to pull me into his bed and have his way with me. But he told me that in the part two of this story ;)
NeonAngel NeonAngel
22-25, F
Jan 22, 2013