His Friend Wanted Me Bad- Part Two

When my boyfriend first introduced me to his friend, Drew, he looked me up and down suspiciously and pulled my boyfriend aside. When he came back he got in my face, accusing me that I was younger than 17, and told me if I turned out to be 12, **** his friend and then go to the cops saying he raped me, he was gonna come find me and make me regret it.

I looked young for my age, but it was hard to hate him when a week later he became obsessively nice to me. He barely knew me, but he was desperately trying to hang out with me every chance he got. After the encounters he witnessed between me and my boyfriend in part one of this story, he waited for his opportunity to be alone with me.

He came over to my place but my friend Tony was over. Drew was hinting he wanted to do more than just hang out with me that night. My boyfriend was away at his familys place in the country, so Drew was trying to hold my hand and rub my leg, while Tony wasn't looking. It didn't go any further than that as I didn't feel right fooling around with my boyfriends best buddy, so I told him we could only be friends.

I didn't see him for months after that. But the next time I saw him, he had bad news to break to me. He sat me down on my bed, and told me he wanted to let me know that my boyfriend had been cheating on me. I was so upset, I started crying. He held me, and comforted me. It felt so nice being in his arms, and being so close to him. I had always liked him but because he was my boyfriends friend, I didn't want my lusty desires for him to take over.

He layed me down, and was on top of me. His lips met mine, and we began kissing. I could feel how hard he was now, and he was rubbing his erection agaisnt me, rocking back and forth. I told him that I wanted to have sex with him, and we quickly ******** down. For months I knew he had wanted this and so did I, whenever I used to go to his house I flirted and teased him with the things I wore. He rolled me onto my side, split my legs, pushed his **** into me, and was squeezing my boobs. He then moved his hand to the inside of my thigh, to keep my legs wide open, squeezing my thigh hard, as he pumped me harder and faster. It didn't take him long, and he came, relaxing back onto my bed. I rolled over to him, and grabbed his ****, sucking my juices off him and what was left of him. I sucked him until he got big and hard again and listened to him sigh and groan. He chuckled and said that my boyfriend was right, I do really like sucking ****. I smiled, with him still in my mouth and made him gasp with this thing I do with my tongue that also made my boyfriend go wild. He asked me what I did, but I just giggled and took him deeper into my mouth.

I ****** him and sucked him off for 2 weeks, and he told me he loved me. But when I later spoke to my boyfriend, I felt guilty and admitted to it all. My boyfriend was angry, telling me he had never cheated on me and Drew lied. He had been plotting to break us up for ages- even telling my boyfriend lies about me. I didn't know what to believe, but my boyfriend didn't stay that mad at me after I told him I was pregnant.
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really really good story! thanks