Not Guilty

basicaly i went out wit my ex on off for 2 years and then i started a relationship with my new partner of 4months but hes been angry and upsetting me alot. Snapping at me and hasnt bothered tryin and cant(small) satisfy me in bed for a few months but yer he makes me feel guilty when i wanna leave. I recently met up with my ex to help a friend and we kissed. We decided to meet up few days later to talk bout it and we had sex that much we nearly fell asleep in the car.
Hes got a gf of bput 4ish months aswell and yet we did this. Im confused and the scary part is i dont feel guilty and no need to tell my bf. I sware id never cheat and now that i have i feel odd. Not guilty or bad but. ....different and idk if this is a good feelin or not :/ help me please
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Ya, leave you current bf. If you don't feel bad for what you did, I doubt he means that much to you. So why pointlessly drag it along, just let him go! Would be better for both.

... there is thing called cuckoleding but be carefull

Do you love your current boyfriend?

Im not sure i care for him but love im not sure