Cheated With My Ex

I broke up with my ex, then two days later i met an amazing guy. We got really fully on quickly and after only two weeks he was my bf. I slept with my ex bf twice at the start of our relationship. We have now been together for 6 weeks and he has found out what happened. I admitted the truth to him last night. Now he says he needs time and space to think about what he wants. If he wants to be with me or not. I have fallen head over heals for this guy and do not want to lose him. He is everything i need. It sounds ironic but i needed to be with my ex that last time for closure. I wish id met my new boy 6 months down the track when i was over my ex. But things didnt happen that way. I dont know what to do? How can I show him how strong my feelings are for him and that he is the one I want to be with. I have never cheated on anyone before and i hate myself for doing it... any advice?

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I would suggest lots of oral pleasures for your bf.

I see it like this! You cant there is nothing you can do not in my book you cant. You cheated on him you broke something very valuble and thats trust! When my ex cheated on me I dumped her there is no chance in hell I will ever get back with her! You had better count your blessings he hasnt already broke up with you.

I went through something incredibly similar. In this story, I am the new boyfriend who got cheated on. In the beginning of our relationship I knew she was not over him, One weekend I was out of town. She went to go see him, for closure, but ended up having a drink with him, going back to her house and sleeping together. She told me she saw him, but did not tell me she slept with him. I got mad at her because when she told me she saw him, it sounded like she actually wanted to be with him, but had figured I'd be a more beneficial choice. I walked out on her and we did not talk for 2 days. In those 2 days she went to go see him again and they slept together. I found out and after a few days of cooling off, we talked and I decided that I still love her and want to be with her. It was NOT easy for me, I can tell you that. I was emotional and irrational for weeks. She was very accommodating, and did her best to help me. She would calm me down when I was angry, build me up when I was sad or felt worthless. She knew I did not trust her, so without asking she let me read her e-mails, would tell me about all of her phone calls and would even check in with me several times a day to tell me where she was. Again, I did not ask her to do this, but she knew I needed it. It has been a while now, and we are better, we even went on vacation together. That does not mean I'm over it. While it does not make my blood boil over like it did in the beginning, I still remember and get upset. What hurts most is that she said she loved me but was so easily able to forget about me to be with him. With a few hours of conversation and one drink, I did not even exist. That thought lingers and I don't know if I can ever get that out of my mind. It seems that the original poster went through this just a little before we did. I wonder, what ended up happening between you guys?

I was in your shoes once. I wish I met my boyfriend after I moved on from my 2years ex. I cheated on my boyfriend when our relationship was just started. I never cheated before. I told my bf about it & he was so hurt, yet he forgave me. It's been 9months I am with my bf, and he has not stopped hurting me for cheating on him. I've tried tot ell him that I love him so much w/ all my heart. I told him that I cheated on him because I hadn't moved on..and I felt terribly guilty for hurting him. All these times I've been making up to him & trying to make him believe that I loved him. I chose him!<br />
Yet, sometimes he calls me s***/w*****, he comments on girls on the street & says things like I'm not good enough for him. I went through a lot of heartbreaks & tears just to stay w/ him. Now I'm thinking to move on because I can't take the pain anymore. I wish he knew that I loved him so much.<br />
<br />
And people might not understand. They think you're bad by cheating, but they weren't on your shoes. You didn't get chance to move on & went straight to your BF because you loved him & didn't want to lose him. My suggestion is, dont be hurt like me. If your boyfriend really want to give you a second chance, then he shouldn't hurt you in the future.

That's going to be a really tough one. You slid back to your ex, even , as you said to provide closure. What was breaking up with him, just a token gesture? If you were truly in love with your new BF, you wouldn't have had a second thought about ex bf. If you still had feelings for your ex, you should have told your new one, at least you would have been honest with him, instead of going behind his back. I wouldn't blame your new flame if he had a trouble with you being loyal ever again. You may have burned your bridge here young lady. I think you need to do some soul searching to see where you allegiances really lie. Don't hurt a really good guy!

You are the only one that sounds like you have a head on your shoulders when it comes to this!