I Knew What I Was Doing!

I cheated on my girlfriend on a few occasions while we were having a long distance relationship. I lived in another continent at the time. I loved my girlfriend with my all but still I did what I did and was fully aware of what I was doing. I wasn't drunk. I don't know why I did this thing. It has left me wondering about the ethics I abide by. I am afraid we are no longer together. We separated for other reasons (religious). I thought I could still love her inspite of what happened. She doesn't know. She once asked me how I manage and I lied to her and told her that only she can share my body and soul. She said that if I did cheat on her, that she could never trust anybody again because if somebody like me (my "good" character) could cheat on anybody, then there's no hope in the world. What could I say? I wanted to tell her but after hearing this, it was water under the bridge.

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3 Responses Dec 8, 2007

Can you really look at yourself in the mirror every day knowing not only are you a cheater, but a liar as well? Do you really want that to be who you are?

all i can say is, if you can do it knowing what you were doing. You are either laying to yourself about your love for her or you just don't love her at all. <br />
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Get your thoughts right before going into another relationship and hurt someone else. Because it sounds like you can and will do it again to someone else.

you need to tell her. Because even though the truth hurts it is always better than a lie. Dont be a coward a let her look like a fool. And dont worry about her she will eventually get over you and find someone better