Ive Lost My Best Friend Need Opinions

i had been with my girlfriend for 2 years,after the 1st twelve months she went on holiday and i slept with some1 else.when she got back i finished it with her as i felt so guilty,i blamed it on me not being ready.we got back together 2 months later and were together for 9 months when i left the flat and went back to my mums as wed been arguing all my fault as i was pushing her away.after a week apart i slept with some1 she knew and she found out,i take it all on the chin,its all my fault but i cant do anything about it.she said she didnt want anything to do with me again but i have realised that i do genuinly love her and im gona fight for her coz i believe were meant to be together.every1 makes mistakes and i just want 1 more chance to put it right shes my best mate and i love her.
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2 Responses Nov 6, 2010

the only way to truely forgive a man is to sleep with another man. find her a lover and she'll feel guilty enough to deserve a guy like you

This is my exact situation without my twist. I love the one I cheated on and I regret it. But I wasn't the one who wanted it, I just got caught up and didn't say no. I hate myself for it. But now I'm fighting for her. It's just insanely hard now