I Cheated On My G/f. I Hate Myself

I have cheated on my G/F I was blind drunk. She is another country but coming to be with me. We have known each other a year been together 6 months. I love her madly she is the love of my life. I have been broken hearted for 3 months cause she had to go home to apply for a visa, calling and texting her everyday. then on friday she got her visa granted. I was over the moon. I went out that night and met up with a Friend and her daughter. Got really Drunk kissed the daughter and ended up sleeping with her. I did not Climax. This other girl is Ugly and Why would i do this? My G/F is stunning Irish looks Black hair Greenest eyes. I am devistated to the point I think my heart is breaking. I cant tell her she will be heartbroken, and to be honest why should I do that to her? to ease my burden? i dont deserve my burden to be eased. This will never happen again, I feel sick to my stomach. 
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2 Responses May 17, 2011

your situation is almost equal to mine. i considered my girlfriend a goddess and we were very much in love. we fell on some hard times in our third year together related to jobs/money/location/unhappiness/distance. i was very immature in the sense that i didnt fight for her or fight to keep us happy. the girl i cheated on her with was not ugly...but not in the category i regarded my g/f in. it was a result of my unhappiness/loneliness/distance from her/frustration/anger that led me to cheat. worst mistake of my life. if it is eating away at you...i would suggest being honest and telling her. i didnt take that advice and just broke up with her. i was so ****** stupid and childish about it. if you love her...be honest with her.

Well at least you realize what this girl means to you. Sometimes thing happen that we do not always intend to happen. Don't be too hard on yourself.