"Cheating" Is Such a Loose Term...

I know some of you are going to read this and say "That's not really cheating you pansy" but the fact is, I feel horrible about it.

My girlfriend is the sweetest and most faithful girl ever.  We are so deep in love it's ridiculous.  WE are that too cute couple that disgusts everybody because of our uber-cuteness together.  She and I have a great relationship physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and all the other "ally's". 

The only thing is, before her I was always on the prowl for girls and there was something inside of me that loved the thrill of kissing a girl for the first time and not knowing what was going to happen.  It was an adventure.  My girlfriend and I have been going out for a year now and I don't have that adventure feeling anymore- it has been replaced with nice feelings of security and what not though.

My girlfiend is out of town and last night, me and my buddies got drunk, went to a club, and I started dancing with this heavier girl.  She wasn't fat, just had a few extra.  I actually started dancing with her because she was an easier target and I didn't want to feel like I was on the prowl for other girls.  (I know, sounds bad eh?)  We started dancing then for some studpid reason, I gave her a couple quick kisses.  What an idiot.

My girlfiend probably won't find out but there is a super slim chance that some of her friend might have been there that night.  I don't think she would break up with me over it, but I started thinking about how I would feel if she did or if she had done that with some guy.  That's why I feel horrible.  I can't believe that I did that and I will never do it again.  I resolved to never drink that much again unless I'm with her.  I love her so much and never want to jeopardize our relationship again.  Guys- if you really love your girl, imagine what it would feel like not having her, and I mean really do the play by play in your head.  It is not worth even risking.

A kiss isn't nearly on the same level as sex, but the think that bothers me is that I gave in at all.  I love alcohol but it can be extremely damaging and evil if not used correctly.  I just read a post of a guy who cheated on her girlfriend after being super hammered and he had unprotected sex with her on her period.  Holy crap- Most likey it's a really good guy who made a bad mistake and he'll never do it again.  Still- try convincing that to his girlfiend if she finds out.

In a way, it might be good that this happened.  Kissing that stupid girl made me remember how much I truly love my girlfriend and how much I need her in my life.  She is worth taking precautions to never do something this dumb again.

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4 Responses Jun 27, 2008

You guys are all great, I just did sort of the same but it was in a bed (no sex).<br />
I told my girlfriend, because I want to propose to her but can't with her not knowing - it's not fair.<br />
Now is the day after, and she's cancelled our holiday together. <br />
To the OP: listen to these people, and learn from your mistake. It'd be nice for you to know that your relationship is stronger than a couple of pecks, but it's not really worth the risk. I thought mine would understand (at the time), but now I see how obvious it is that she won't.

A slip like this isn't worth losing a great relationship over. And you giving up drinking without her shows your commitment and maturity. Good luck and do the right thing

I agree, kiss and never tell, but i think its cool you feel bad about it,but sometimes u got to learn from mistakes and atleast u didnt do her-that woulda been bad and you were drunk, ive done horrid things when ive been drunk, just dont let it get to you, part of it is that chicks would burn u saying ur a bastard and u should tell the girl, but it was a kiss so whatever just learn from it, but also what if she had done it to you one night at a club and u didnt know? but just dont tell her and love her to death and if u are really hardcore about each other, move in see how it works out and marry the damn girl,i let the one i think i shoulda been with slip away....it was the worst mistake of my life

here's your obligatory "that's not cheating you pansy" and every guy pulls the "low hanging fruit" one night in his life...don't let this ruin your relationship with your girl. don't tell her. it never happened. remember it if you must as the proof your want your GF most.