I Cheated On My Girlfriend In College..

First let me say that I have problems trusting people.  So after being hurt deeply in high school I decided that I was going to just do whatever I wanted and have the most fun with complete disregard to my girlfriend.  So when college rolled around, I would always lie and say I was doing school work, but I was really just partying.  I would say that I lied basically 100% of the time.  So anyway, in the beginning of the schoolyear I ran into this girl (lets call her G) and she was this spanish chick from miami who was gorgeous.  Much hotter than my girlfriend.  And it turned out that she was interested in me, but I never actually thought anything would happen.  So one day in my friends dorm I was feeling kind of hungry, I asked her if she had any food in her dorm and she said yes.  Now, I was actually hungry and I really didnt think anything would happen, but when I got to her dorm and found out that there wasnt any food, I got the hint.  So I basically just sat there with her on her couch and one thing led to another.  I felt kind of bad for what I did, but I really didnt care because I figured I couldnt trust anyone anyway, so I might as well have had fun.  And I DEFINITLY didnt feel bad when I found out that my girlfriend at the time was talking to previous boyfriends and such.  I sometimes think I have a problem because I am still willing to have sex with other women while in a relationship, but I just really dont think that people are geniuinely trusting and perfect.

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1 Response Jul 14, 2008

Well I wouldnt actually consider it cheating since I told her that we should take a break. So technically its not cheating, I just have the decency to still say its cheating because we promised each other not to have sex with other people. I wouldn't doubt that youv done the same thing.