I Cheated Every Man And Myself

This is not my typically like that plug my personal life story in a public forum but i can't hold it anymore in myself It's like I'm a time bomb that about to explode. I have so many wrong doing that i had done in my life.. Especially having sex in different man i met. Sometimes i told myself im **** but im not.. I's like someone courting me even do his not my typical type of man i want but i can't damn say no to him. Instead of saying I'm not available or im not single anymore or i don't like you.. But i can't say the right words. I am untrustworthy woman, i never fall in love totally to any man i met. But for them they are lucky to have me i let them to believe that im serious in a relationship that i didn't cheat them.. I can have 4 boyfriends in a row,you believe it or not i can handle manage them but sometimes you cannot avoid some secrets,lies will revealed. I'm good in lying pretending things.. If i am and actress i think i have a lot of rewards in doing things..

Now i have a boyfriend we are 2 boyfriends 1,1/2 years and the other almost a month.. I live together in my long time boyfriend we had a very beautiful moments past then we had a good time.. Before i met him i few talk to man or dating man i stopped because i am in a foreign country and i don't know people yet..
But when i start to get my iPad and went to social networking i found a mature man that willing to do anything for me.. And the price is i will **** any of his friend everyday.. And they will give me a lot of money. And that moment im thinking of accepting him so that i can have money and leave this job. But yes i accept but not because of money because i had lust on them.. Until now he called me and text me.. Just go to him if i don't really have money..but i don't intend to do that..im always afraid of getting illness..
But now the problem i have is my boyfriend now that i live with, last night he just found that i cheated on him because 3 mans send message on me. He want to broke up with me but i can't afford to loose him,we had a very good time he was very in love to me.. And now he started planning about my future.. I already met his parents and they truly believe that im so serious and so worthy woman for there son. I confess him about my true feelings to him that im not 100% sure about him.. And he try to give chance to me..

The problem i have now is my almost a year boyfriend that we have a very age gap 22 years gap.. I cheated him 3 times he is easily can discover any new things on what im doing. Now were back again recently. I want to stop communicating him...

I don’t want to meet any man anymore just for lust.. I don't want to cheat my boyfriend who trusted me a lot..
Now i will try to fill up my wrong doings in good... I want to be a honest to myself...

I want your comments... But please don't judge me...
Thank you!
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2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

what is yr contact number

I stopped reading half way through. Learn how to type, missy. Instead of jumping into bed with men, how about you open up a book and read?