I Feel Like Sh*t !!

i cheeted on my boyfriend with one of my ex's i was very drunk and i really regret it i lied to my boyfriend for about 2 weeks, mane longer, and he has only just found out, he dosent deserve 2 b treeted in that way he has dont nothing but be nice 2 me he has alwayz bin there by my side , he misses me when im not there, he buys me things, he shows me that he loves me, and i truly love him nack, i was very drunk when this think happened and now that he knows what i have dont, he dosent trust me anymore and he keeps acussing me of staring at my ex what he dosent understamd is that he is the one i love, i really really do but he doesent think i do, i lied to him and so many other pple just 2 keep my story straight because i didnt want 2 hurt him, he is different he is the one i love iv never been in a relation ship like this before and im just glad i finally found the guy i love he is the most decentist guy i have ever met, we new eachother for a long while nefore we use 2 be very close mates and talked about everything he is a real man, i upset him so much he cried i dunno what 2 do , i love him
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Um move on. He is never going to trust you again. <br />
Learn from this. Grow from this. But do not think your boyfriend will forgive you. Go to College and meet your husband.<br />
<br />

Just tell him everything as well as your real feelings toward him.i know if he really loves you he'll forgive you,trust me....i have been decieved by my boyfriend before that's why i broke up w/ him few days ago but then I realised how much i love him and atleast he told me the truth.I been unreasonable w/ him lately because of the reason that i can't trust him anymore but still then I give him another chance just hoping that this time things will gonna change for better.take care....GuDluck...