I Don't Get It

i don't understand how someone can cheat. if you are even entertaining the thoughts of this then maybe its time to step back and reevaluate who you are with. b/c maybe this is a sign saying you want to move on. i'm not saying i'm perfect i'm far from it. but i think it is an awful thing to do to someone and if you really love a person it wont even be a tempting thought.
i think you know its wrong before you do it and knowing this and still doin it only makes you a worse person. break up...talk to your other half...whatever...just DONT CHEAT
i've been cheated on and its a horrible feeling. to trust someone so completely to be blinded by the love you have for them only to turn around and see a knife in your back. i just don't think its a fair thing to do....

in the end you hurt yourself as much as the one you "wanted" to hurt in the first place?

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I just became part of this "cheater" category and I'm not proud of it. Being with my gf for 5 years I never cheated. I just slipped up a few weeks ago and ruined everything. I didn't cheat because I wanted the person. I woke up being touched and allowed it to happen due to embarrassment. I haven't had sexual contact in months and my hormones took I've me. I wish I could take it back. It wasn't worth losing her. I never thought I'd do this, especially to her

I never thought I would cheat....I had been cheated on many times....i think it is disgusting but I did it...everyone is capable of everything....never say never...my affair happened after I almost died....I am not even a cheater person...I am extremely trustworthy and loyal....I was using bad judgment and I made a huge mistake

happyman, stop trying to be the knight in shining armor. you both deserve better -- staying with her is for YOUR conscience but you sure aren't doing her any favors if you don't love her and you are prepared to cheat b/c you think you deserve it. Of course you deserve warmth and good sex, but lying to your woman about it is just plain betrayal. I'll tell you about me: a coworker of mine who's in what looks like a great 4+ year relationship recently told me he wanted to get to know me better. I had never seen him that way, but I'd had a really rough month (was almost murdered) and was feeling extremely vulnerable. we kissed, cuddled and it was wonderful. we were both ok with it, thinking we could leave it behind us and go back to being coworkers. now he's saying he's having a hard time putting me out if his head. I am single and I know I don't need this, but I'm worried that eventually I'll cave. He is totally my type and if she wasn't in the picture I wouldn't think twice about it. but sleeping with someone doesn't just end there, it gets messy. I know he'll never leave her unless she actually dumps him -- like you, he's staying because he is worried about her (she has emotional issues) and because he doesn't want to be the bad guy. Get over it! If you want to suffer for her then by all means do so.... but don't pretend to martyr yourself for her when you are really going behind her back to screw around.

I am there with the commitment ok. SOOO there. I have not been hugged touched--- I SLEEP ON THE COUCH__ we are not even married yet and I have slept on the couch for 2 years. My girl is depressed. I am sticking with her. Just because she is sick I am not turning my back on her ever. I hope to marry her next year.<br />
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And then I met her. At a wedding. She is married and unhappy in her own way. I kissed her and held her ths week and CANNOT WAIT TO FEEL THAT GOOD AGAIN!<br />
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Try to see thi side. I am not leaving my woman. And i damn well deserve the right to feel good.<br />
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Please comment all you holier than thous

thanks...yea i agree with that. its sad all too often it is ones own inner deamons that end up hurting them

People cheat for different reasons. Selfishness being the biggest. I agree with everything you write, but all too often fear and cowardice takes over and people will cheat rather than face their troubles.