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i cheated on my ex girlfriend i was the worst thing i dundid i made her cry the worst thing was i didnt care back then i was the most heartless beast i totaly regret that too if it was recent i think it would of been harder too do by lots because now i have a heart and a mighty big one that gets crushed quick and easy do i dont think i could have done that if it was reacent i just wish to say sorry to her more than eva because were finaly back to friends after like 3 years i would say that i am sorry i didnt care im sorry that i didnt tell you myself and i am more than eva sorry that i heart you so would you forgeve me eva? thats what i would say if i could but i dont think she would want to talk about that anyway  but i wanna thank her for being my friend again trying to chere me up at skool it much apreciated but i am not sad its just i look into you eyes and i think of the time i seen you cry and it was because of me  so its kinda hard to look happy sorry for that too... yeah i am righting this as if she was ganna read this i know but thats what i truely would say i just wanna know if she is really okay to talk to me of if she dose it because she has to i dont know.... tell you what never ganna cheat again.
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1 Response Aug 16, 2007

This was kinda hard to understand, more grammer next time okay lol.<br />
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Well i think i know who your talking about here, and my guess is that if your both friends again and she makes you happy and does all the friend type of things then most likely she has forgiven you.<br />
Or atleast moved on from the pain.<br />
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I'm sure if she wanted it to be brought up again she would, I think just leave it untill she says something to prevent her from feeling bad again.<br />
Leave the past in the past if you know what i mean.<br />
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Then again i could be wrong but it's what i would do.<br />
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