A Drunkin Mistake

I was with my girlfriend and fiance for 6 years and we have a three year old son together.  about a week ago they went on a weekend camping trip, and wile they were away i decided to go out and have a few drinks. It wound up being just me and this girl I work with that likes me.  long story short, we end up getting drunk together and she gives me a ride home due to the fact that the breaks on my car happened to go that night.  so she brings me home and comes in to eat the pizza we picked up on the way and next thing i know i'm in the middle of sex on my livingroom couch. when my girlfriend came home on sunday she had realized there was a missing condom and well the rest is history. now i'm by myself regretting everything i did knowing that it was the biggest mistake of my life. i have now lost the girl that i love, and trying to figure out how to make things right once the trust was broken.  any help would be greatly appreciatted concidering i've tried to apollogize and explain what happened and she wants nothing to do with me.  thanks. 

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4 Responses Jul 20, 2009

Ive been cheated on by my ex many times (I stayed for far too long) and all I can say is once that trust is broken its gonna take a lot to rebuild but I believe in second chances so maybe she does too. Like the other person says you'll have to let her do whatever she needs to. She feels betrayed and very hurt. If you really love her then be patient and do the work. Best of luck!

thank you for that advice. It's what i thought i should do. but hearing it from another person helps. infact today we hung out for about 15 to 20 min. while we watched our son play on the playground, it felt nice, and i know she doesn't want to talk about it so when ever we talk now i just talk about the things we have in common. again i thank you. it's nice to have a support network and if you read this and any of you need someone to talk to i am open to give my e-mail adress out.

dude thats horrible. Sounds like you're sorry, but sometimes you hurt a person so badly that nothing you do will ever make it okay. My only advice to you is, if you really love her, do whatever she says. If she tells you to leave her alone, leave her alone, if she tells you to let her yell at you, let her, if she tells you to jump up and down on one leg while patting your forehead and rubbing your tummy... do it. You've got to understand that being cheated on can be one of the most horribly degrading, humiliating, hurtful experiences in the world, and she is doubtlessly suffering a million times more than you are right now, so you owe her 100% consideration. What really upsets me is that you have a child. Having parents split up and hate each other is another terrible experience I wouldn't wish on anyone, and now because of what you did, your kid has to suffer too. Best you can do is try to make amends!!

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