I Cheated On My Girl Friend... We Were Together For 2 and a Half Years

We've been together for 2 and a half years, i cheated on her with another girl whom ide known for a few months she found out by finding the passwords to my emails, now she says its over.... but i love her so much i keep telling her that i would never make the mistake again ever again... i dont know whats going to happen to us or even if there is an US anymore i love her i regret everything ive done and i wish i can take it all back but i cant.... i love you babe im sorry
mutatron mutatron
22-25, M
2 Responses Oct 18, 2007

I cheated on my girlfriend too and I lost her and I struggle everyday...

damn man i wish i had answers for you one thing i know fo sho is i aint gona cheat on my girl