I Cheated On My Girlfriend

i have been with my girlfriend for six months now, and i love her more than anyone. i have stopped going out on my own accord to talk to her more on the phone. we hardly see each other because of school and the fact of living 4 hours away from each other. i would do anything for this girl. we have gone through so much together. and are genuinly best friends now, we talk openly about anything. since i have met her i have cleaned up my life from drinking almost every night ( during school) to now in 6th form and 10th in england for cycling in my age. i cannot live without her. we have spoken about this cheating thing and we both siad that we would find it very hard to forgive each other for trying. well last night i wasnt planning on drinking but ended up drinking more than i have in ages, i went to this disco and could not remember much at all, while i was sitting down trying to get glass out of someones foot this girl kissed me and i didnt stop, we kissed but i don remember anything about it just being pulled away and being told. i cant believe i have done this i am so angry with myself, i have made myself sick today to try get the guilt away, it doesnt work i am so down and just want to talk to my girlfriend, but i dont want to spoil everything we have and for her to lose my trust over this. should i tell her iv done this? i have never cheated on anyone else and never want to. please help me!!

ohmyword ohmyword
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2009