I Had No Other Option...

ok... my girlfriend for a year and a half treated me like ****... took advantage of how nice i was the whole time... even left me a **** load for her first love... and i always took her back no matter what... because thats how much i loved her.. and she finally changed... but the time she was changing.. i was falling in love with another girl who treated me right... and we talked.. and i kissed her and it felt right.. everything did... i hung out with her and she was there... but i went with my ex.. and i still talked to the other girl.. she was sooo nice she still stood in my life and i kept talking to her hanging out with her because i still had feelings... i know its wrong in a way but it wasnt my fault why i did what i did... and now currently i'm with niether of them... but i'm talking to both of them.. its hard... plas give me advice or tell me what you think..

Lionardo Lionardo
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

You need to man up and choose who you want to be with. Don't do what your first love did. Be a better person.