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Waiting To Wake Up From This Nightmare

i went to a party with my girlfriend who ive been with for over 2 years now, im 19 and she is 18, we started off as puppy love, but since have been through a whole lot together and want to spend the rest of our lifes together, have a fun time being a young couple, but then have a family someday, all these plans came into doubt on this night.......i dont drink too often and the alcohol was free al night, and my glass kept getting topped up, my girlfriend and i both got way too drunk and woke up the next morning not remembering a thing about the last half of the night, i remember falling down alot and not being able to stand, but i had a couple of blury images in my head..of a girl in the bed, i put it down to being a dream, but my worst fears were confirmed when this girl, who matched the pictures in my head called me, a girl i dont even know, but have started to slightly remember has told me we had sex, and that she is pregnant. my heart stopped, i was overcpme with chills, my appetite went away, and i wanted to kill myself. the only rerason i wouldnt kill myself is out of fear of it hurting my girlfirned, i love her so much and want to be with her forever, and the worst thing about this is that she could get so hurt. i want nothing to do with this girlor the baby, what if she keeps it? i can barely remember, and if she can she must have taken advantage of me? i am so sad and want to cry all day but eel selfish because its my mistake and i just dont want my girlfriend to be sad, the thought of seeing her face sad and tears running down her beautiful face makes me want to die. i would never cheat on my lady, i love her and want a family with her on day, and i am praying al day to keep her from ever finding out. i can take any pain thrown my way, if it means protecting the girl i love. the thing is if my girlfirned found out i still would never see this girl again and have nothing to do with it (i know that sounds bad but how can i) it wont make me go to this stranger and some kid and be a family, never! im sure that the girl can find a man to love her and the child while i carry on the path of life with my girlfireend and give her the life she deserves, that we deserve, i always hear stories where a boyfriend cheats, or a girlfriend even husbant or wife cheat, and get away with it! and they even know what they are doing. i am 19 and i made a mistake, if i cant learn from this and better myself as a sensible drinker for my girlfriend and make her happy, whats the point in the learning part? i feel my girfriends life would be torn apart for no reason if she found out. i love her so much and just need advice.

stupid123456 stupid123456 18-21, M 7 Responses Apr 8, 2010

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well a few mouths back me and my girl had sex for the first time i was her first we had it like twice and one day well she was at practice she had sex with a guy that she like but would never date i new she like him and i am the jelouse type but i keep my cool about but she told me one day when i c u i need to tell u something importent and i siad ok so the next day were in her room laying in the bed cuddling and she turns and say babe please dont get mad i dident mean for it to happen i said what u mean babe and she say i had sex with *&^% and i wasent mad i was a lil upset but i wasent mad after all she told me face to face and i could tell she felt bad about it in my opinyen u should tell her but explian it allll to her that u had to much and if she really loves u and cares for u shell forgive u one cause she nos sober u wouldent of done that and 2 u were SMASHED but any was 7 mouths later me and my girlfriend are a happy couple we love each other very much but the best thing might be to tell her

i dunno dude, i think if you were too drunk to remember it you were probably too drunk to ****.

First,when was the party,and when did that slutty little thing tell you she was pregnant?If it was less than 3 weeks after the party then she got pregnant with someone's baby and the guy doesn't want the baby/she can't remember who he is.Beware of that,clear that up before you make anything silly!

First,when was the party,and when did that slutty little thing tell you she was pregnant?If it was less than 3 weeks after the party then she got pregnant with someone's baby and the guy doesn't want the baby/she can't remember who he is.Beware of that,clear that up before you make anything silly!

Hey, this sounds like a sad sad story. I hope you're ok now, and that you were able to say how drunk you were. I've been totally hammered, but only once did I remember just a few images of a night. If you were that bad, then you were taken advantage of. This is commonly known as rape, as the effects it's had on you have shown. Advice is out there, for the taking. Bless you for being so sensitive and caring that this is what you think about. Please show your lover this post, as it will warm her heart even if only a little.<br />
<br />
Obscured88, I sincerely hope my girlfriend can do the same for me, and I only had one kiss.

The best thing you can do is make it her choice. My boyfriend did the same thing. Thank God he didn't get her pregnant, but he at least had the guilt, love and respect enough to tell me and it is the only reason I forgave him. If she stays, I promise it won't be the same. She may be "happy" at times but this will always be in the back of her mind breaking her heart. But like I said, the best thing is to be honest. Also, make sure you get checked for STD's and I would make this chick do a paternity test, odds are she's a ***** and this wasn't the first time she has done this....

am not sure about legal parts but i hope that girl can do nothing, does she knows you have a girlfriend? does she knows your girlfriend? try to make it impossible for your gf to find out, but if you think she will find out its better to both of you to calmly sit down and you tell her and try to make her understand how you feel and that you werent consenciou(or however you spellit sorry for my english)<br />
if she really really loves you she should understand, shell get angry? yes, shell cry? yes, will she break up on me? i dont know